Oct 12 2004 - Green?
Yes the grass on the other side of the fence may in fact be greener....buts only because there is also more fertilizer over there too.
Posted by r0nan at 11:06 AM EST

Oct 05 2004 - Thought of the day...
You are just a small part of my imagination...I am the larger part.
Posted by r0nan at 07:37 AM EST

Oct 05 2004 - Would the oceans be any deeper....
if sponges didn't live there?
Posted by r0nan at 07:36 AM EST

Feb 06 2004 - Simply bafflying!
If time has no end and history has no end then how do you define the end? Why am I always late or running out of time if the above is true? When did history begin? Someone must know otherwise they wouldn't have started keeping track of it. Or is the fact that some did just that, the act of keeping records the essence of history's beginning? Reverse that thought and you'll soon realise that perhaps the reason that time and history have no end is because no one has recorded it or better yet, no one will record it. Go figure.
Posted by r0nan at 03:53 PM EST

Feb 05 2004 - Today is the day
Today is the day I put things off for another day. Its the day that I use fully to do nothing. No matter how much I don't try to accomplish nothing I still rake up taxes to pay, frustration for the next day, and stuff to do when I get a chance some other time .In fact my idleness accomplishes more than I ever imagined becuuse now I have a full day to look forward to tomorrow. Something from nothing...go figure.
Posted by r0nan at 12:00 AM EST portal
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