May 05 2005 - Indie Rock @ Vinyl!!!
Sunday, May 15th!!! 'the platonic shadows' have got two great bands coming down from Montreal - Badflirt & Hexes and ohs.. as well as Knock Knock Ginger from k/w.. tix are $5 in advance available @ Guelph Music & Music in Orbit or $8 @ the door.. if you want free tickets I'll be handing them out @ Guelph music on Saturday May 7th and 14th between 3 & 4pm.. the show opens @ 9pm and it's 19+

Website Link:
Posted by theplatonicshadows at 12:49 AM EST

Feb 18 2004 - the platonic shadows
'the platonic shadows' were founded during the summer of 2003. They blend a unique combination of dark downtempo riffs with quirky upbeat melodies to make 'the platonic shadows' stand out as the band you remember at the end of the night.

Website Link:
Posted by theplatonicshadows at 08:11 PM EST

Feb 15 2004 - the platonic shadows
... are a new guelph indie group... there music consists of dark down tempo down tempo riffs accompanied by the east-coast style girl/boy vocals.. when the band does pick up the speed, the songs tend to be quirky and very friendly to any ear.. 'the platonic shadows' have a very appealing and well rounded sound..

Website Link: http:/
Posted by theplatonicshadows at 02:54 PM EST portal
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